Small Business Tools for Women-Owned Companies

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Business ownership for women is becoming more and more competitive these days. As new startups continue to sprout up, women find themselves competing with male counterparts for small business loans and funding sources. That’s why so many women have turned to networking with other businesswomen, both online and offline. This is one of the most effective ways to learn about small business tools specifically designed for women-owned companies.

SBA Office of Women’s Business Ownership

The Small Business Association’s Office of Women’s Business Ownership was established for networking purposes. Its mission is to launch and manage an entire network of Office of Women’s Business Centers (WBC) across the country.

Women-Owned Companies need tools designed specifically for growing businesses owned by females.

Women-Owned Companies need tools designed specifically for growing businesses owned by females. Image Source: Pixabay

Women business owners gain access to small business resources needed to help companies grow. WBC provides female entrepreneurs and business owners with technical assistance and management tools.

Women entrepreneurs, especially those considered to be socially or financially disadvantaged, can receive comprehensive counseling and training. Participants learn about a wide variety business-related topics. All the resources were designed to help women start new businesses, as well as help established women-owned companies grow and succeed.

InnovateHer Women Business Challenge

InnovateHer is a business challenge for women-owned ventures. It was created to help businesswomen uncover innovative services and products that empower and impact women and the families they lead. Now that women make up about half of the American workforce, these types of challenges are critical to the US economy.

With the InnovateHer women business challenge, female entrepreneurs can:

  • Impact the lives and productivity of other women and their families
  • Learn more about and take part in commercialization
  • Fill various necessities already existing within the workplace

DIY Corporate Credit Series for Women-Owned Companies

DIY Corporate Credit Series

Finding funding and small business loans can be a bit of a challenge for women-owned companies. That’s why networking with women entrepreneurs is so important. Network with us and ready our DIY Corporate Credit Series to learn about resources to help your woman-owned business grow and succeed today.

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