There’s an App for That: Does Your Small Business Need an App?

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Apps have so much untapped potential when it comes to marketing small businesses and entrepreneurs. And, this is especially true when it comes to local businesses. But, most women entrepreneurs and female business owners have no idea how to tap into that potential to create leading industry brands. So, the question for you is… does your small business need an app?

Does Your Small Business Need an App?

If your answer to this question is flat-out “no”, then, there’s no need for you to read further.

Does your small business need an app?

Your small business may benefit from having its own custom mobile app.
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The bottom line is… even though apps are great for marketing small businesses, they’re simply not right for all brands. So, how do you know if your small business can truly benefit from a custom app?

Questions to Ask to Determine: Will Your Brand Will Benefit from an App?

  1. Would it benefit your brand to be able to get in touch with your customers 24 hours per day?

If you answered yes, the read on… your small business just may need an app.

  1. Is it possible to come up with a mobile experience created around your brand that’s both productive and fun for your customers?

If you answered yes to this one, you definitely need to at least look into a custom app for your brand.

Do you sell goods online? Then, you can create a custom mobile app which combines social media elements, with fun features, as well as discounts and rewards.

Still unsure? Understandable. Then, your brand probably does need an app. Just keep reading. We may inspire you yet.

  1. Does your small business need an app? Will it benefit from having one?

In question #1, the benefit would be having the ability to reach customers 24/7. But, the question to ask yourself is… do you need to? Would your brand benefit from this in any way?

In question #2, the benefit of having an app for your small business is to entice your customers. The discounts and rewards tempt them, making them want to shop with you again and again.

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Your business just may need an app to jump start a hot, new promotion, are push your local marketing towards success. Still not sure if your brand can actually benefit from an app?

The EntreMarketing Group creates apps to help business women build their brands on mobile platforms. Contact The EntreMarketing Group to find out how a custom app could help build your brand today!

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